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I know I'm not a mod, but I'm curious and fidgety.
Who's still interested in Alternity?
And what do you want to write?

I am, and though I'd prefer to write Heaven, I'll write anything.

I probably shouldn't be doing this, but we haven't really been doing anything...
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I had an idea. What if as everything is falling part, London revolts - wizards and Muggles both, filling the streets in some grand French Revolutionary mess?

Has anyone here read Lloyd Alexander's "Beggar Queen"? That's the sort of action I'm thinking of. Or perhaps Terry Pratchett's "Night Watch" is a more familiar reference? I have this vision of Gilderoy in particular peering out from behind a barricade, dirt streaking his face and waiting anxiously to see if Voldemort's forces have arrived...
monsters love the camera


Ever since I read Heaven, I've been wondering about Dudley. He intrigues me, not least of all because he is a musician, and also because he is so opposite of his character in JKR's canon. Here are my questions:
1. Is he Muggle, magical, or does he have some other talent?
2. Will he ever talk?
3. Will he play a big role in Alternity, or just be used as an intersting character to develop?
4. Will he be good or evil?
1. I'd think Muggle; I don't think magical ability would at all be affected by Voldemort's taking over. If he is magical, however, it would present an interesting paradox: Could he take on the same talent as those who killed his family and friends? However, I would like to see his music somehow used.
2. No idea. Any ideas?
3. This is probably a voting thing, but I think that it's likely that he will.
4. It all depends on who finds him first, but very likely he will be good -- his parents were killed by Voldemort's "evil minions," after all.

Any ideas?
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Ok, here goes some theorizing. Please point out holes or make fun of my suggestions as you see fit, but please somebody say something, this silence is really boring.

Voldemort: He's the key, I think. Why did he want to kill Harry? I think we want to be careful here. First of all I think we're going to learn the answer to this one in OotP. Second, this could be so cliched, so wrong... We cannot have a "Harry is V.'s grandson" thing, or a "Harry is the Chosen One" thing unless someone has a really, really good rationalization.

What I would suggest is something understated and pretty certainly wrong. What if it's just that James and Lily pissed Voldy off and he went after them? He's not the sort to do things halfway. But for whatever reason he spares Harry. Compassion? Amusement? The idea of raising Harry to be the opposite of his parents? I'd say the second is most likely.

Harry: What does he know of his parents' death? I think we could go with the theory that Harry thinks his parents worked for V and were killed by rebels. V then adopted him out of a sense of loyalty to James. That way when he finds out the truth it's much more powerful.

Why does he change? Please, not because he falls in love with Hermione - or Draco, for that matter - and it Changes Him Forever. Most reasonable to me is that he slowly discovers everything he thinks he knows is a lie. Also, book-Harry has this deep admiration for his father. I think we could play this up even more in Alternity, so when he learns what his father really believed, it could explain a lot.

Dumbledore: he's dead. That's it. Unless someone has a really good reason why he wouldn't be. I cannot picture Dumbledore running and hiding, even for strategic reasons.

Snape: Well, the logical thing is that he's dead too, but that takes away a character we can have so much fun with! I say he's alive, and either in really deep cover, working for V and hating it, or in with the resistance, but eyed with tons of suspicion. Either way has fair opportunity for loads of angst. Can you imagine Snape with even more self-loathing?

So, pick away. Let's hear some other ideas!


Congratulations to:

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