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Ok, here goes some theorizing. Please point out holes or make fun of my suggestions as you see fit, but please somebody say something, this silence is really boring.

Voldemort: He's the key, I think. Why did he want to kill Harry? I think we want to be careful here. First of all I think we're going to learn the answer to this one in OotP. Second, this could be so cliched, so wrong... We cannot have a "Harry is V.'s grandson" thing, or a "Harry is the Chosen One" thing unless someone has a really, really good rationalization.

What I would suggest is something understated and pretty certainly wrong. What if it's just that James and Lily pissed Voldy off and he went after them? He's not the sort to do things halfway. But for whatever reason he spares Harry. Compassion? Amusement? The idea of raising Harry to be the opposite of his parents? I'd say the second is most likely.

Harry: What does he know of his parents' death? I think we could go with the theory that Harry thinks his parents worked for V and were killed by rebels. V then adopted him out of a sense of loyalty to James. That way when he finds out the truth it's much more powerful.

Why does he change? Please, not because he falls in love with Hermione - or Draco, for that matter - and it Changes Him Forever. Most reasonable to me is that he slowly discovers everything he thinks he knows is a lie. Also, book-Harry has this deep admiration for his father. I think we could play this up even more in Alternity, so when he learns what his father really believed, it could explain a lot.

Dumbledore: he's dead. That's it. Unless someone has a really good reason why he wouldn't be. I cannot picture Dumbledore running and hiding, even for strategic reasons.

Snape: Well, the logical thing is that he's dead too, but that takes away a character we can have so much fun with! I say he's alive, and either in really deep cover, working for V and hating it, or in with the resistance, but eyed with tons of suspicion. Either way has fair opportunity for loads of angst. Can you imagine Snape with even more self-loathing?

So, pick away. Let's hear some other ideas!
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Sorry this post was a bit rambly the first time. I posted in haste because this project needs *momentum* and I thought it important to break the silence! This is a much cleaner version.

Thanks, Eledhwen, for going out on a limb! I agree with most of your ideas. This is what I have to add.

Why did Voldemort come after Lily and James? Do we need a good reason apart from the fact that they were talented and on the side that opposed him? I get the impression it was a time of widespread killing & terror. They were just casualties like any others ... until Harry came into the picture.

What's special about Harry? I'm not *entirely* convinced by the raising-Harry-in-mockery-of-his-parents'-ideals theory. Why him? Why not the son of Voldemort's more important enemies? Unless Lily and James had a sort of folk-hero status within the opposition, not because they were particularly powerful but because they were young and beautiful and talented and she was Muggle-born. Then Harry would have symbollic value, without having to be special in any defined way.

My suggesion is that Harry is special because of the protective spell Lily laid on him. I'm suggesting taking canon right up to the point where Lily has laid her dying spell on the baby and killing curse is on Voldemort's lips. Voldemort says later in canon something like "It was very old magic ... I failed to anticipate it". If he *had* anticipated it - if he had paused just a split second before speaking the spell - what would he have done?

I suggest: faced with a child who now has the protection of powerful old magic, a spell which can only be wrought by the death of the caster, he would keep this powerful being and nurture it. Dark Lords are always surrounded by scheming lieutenants, and a child protected by light magic (a rare thing in a world of dark magic) could be an ally, a future assassin, or an inviolable heir whose (protected) body might be useful to a dying dark lord.

It's useful in plot as well. If Harry's value is only in Voldemort's sadistic amusement, then as soon as he shows sign of turning to the rebellion, Voldemort will have to crush him. There's much nicer conflict if Voldemort must keep Harry obedient without damaging his valuable asset. This would explain the spoilt, wilful Harry who assaults Voldemort's officer in the early chapters.

Why does Harry change? I agree entirely with Eledhwen. Let it not be love. I'm working on one possible aspect of it and will post when inspiration comes.

Snape Please can Snape be evil? I had the impression from canon that he only turned when he knew he was on the losing side. Had Harry not defeated Voldemort that day, Snape would still be dark - and focused, without the layers of disappointment, pettiness and resentment from living his life as Dumbledore's spy.

I'm picturing a kind of "Geoffrey Rush as Walsingham in Elizabeth" figure: black-clad, brooding, unfathomable, brilliant, utterly ruthless. Security would be his thing. Surveillance. That would give him mobility to cross over between the three storylines, and I'm sure there are Snape-lovers out there who'd like to see as much of him as possible. (That's not my bent, but I understand it).

Dumbledore Yes, dead, dead, dead. But I think maybe he faced Voldemort alone and nobody saw his end. Hence, every now and again, rumours may run through the remaining pockets of rebellion that Dumbledore has risen, Messiah-like, to save them. Lies and dreams, of course. But a very human tendency.

Where's the History? I've said before that I need to know more about the history and structure of the world we've created. If nobody disagrees, I'm going to write a chronology - totally vague and off-the-top-of-my-head, but a starting structure for other people to pull apart and rebuild. Because I don't see what else I can do to be useful in this silence.

If nobody else comments for, say, two weeks, can I write Alternity all by myself? It will feature chocolate moulded likenesses of Voldemort, Hermione duelling Lucius Malfoy on a mountain peak in a thunderstorm, Draco singing Prince's "Cream", and more giants than you can poke a stick at. Before the end of the first paragraph, I will have slashed it. Yes, stop me before it's too late...