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Ever since I read Heaven, I've been wondering about Dudley. He intrigues me, not least of all because he is a musician, and also because he is so opposite of his character in JKR's canon. Here are my questions:
1. Is he Muggle, magical, or does he have some other talent?
2. Will he ever talk?
3. Will he play a big role in Alternity, or just be used as an intersting character to develop?
4. Will he be good or evil?
1. I'd think Muggle; I don't think magical ability would at all be affected by Voldemort's taking over. If he is magical, however, it would present an interesting paradox: Could he take on the same talent as those who killed his family and friends? However, I would like to see his music somehow used.
2. No idea. Any ideas?
3. This is probably a voting thing, but I think that it's likely that he will.
4. It all depends on who finds him first, but very likely he will be good -- his parents were killed by Voldemort's "evil minions," after all.

Any ideas?
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