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Ever since I read Heaven, I've been wondering about Dudley. He intrigues me, not least of all because he is a musician, and also because he is so opposite of his character in JKR's canon. Here are my questions:
1. Is he Muggle, magical, or does he have some other talent?
2. Will he ever talk?
3. Will he play a big role in Alternity, or just be used as an intersting character to develop?
4. Will he be good or evil?
1. I'd think Muggle; I don't think magical ability would at all be affected by Voldemort's taking over. If he is magical, however, it would present an interesting paradox: Could he take on the same talent as those who killed his family and friends? However, I would like to see his music somehow used.
2. No idea. Any ideas?
3. This is probably a voting thing, but I think that it's likely that he will.
4. It all depends on who finds him first, but very likely he will be good -- his parents were killed by Voldemort's "evil minions," after all.

Any ideas?
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I agree, not magical. It would be very cliche to have him say something after a wonderful or horrible event, but perhaps we could work in someone teaching him to talk, if we wanted. I think he could be an important character - it would interest me to have a nice little role reversal scene where Harry drops in and bosses around Dudley. Or we could just leave him...

What's the Heaven storyline, anyway? Does the place get trashed in the big war?