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I know I'm not a mod, but I'm curious and fidgety.
Who's still interested in Alternity?
And what do you want to write?

I am, and though I'd prefer to write Heaven, I'll write anything.

I probably shouldn't be doing this, but we haven't really been doing anything...
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No, you're doing exactly what you're supposed to do, and thank you! The mods can only chivvy so far without help.
I'm still interested.

Ideas are currently not this issue at hand; if someone throws me something (anything), I'll be happy to write it. However, now is the opportune time *grin* as I may very busy after the next week/two.
Do we have an archive with canon Alternity in it? I'm sorry, I've been a bit Out Of The Loop.
Yes, there is one. *feels informed* As of now, it's here, at fanfiction.net.
Enjoy. :)
Thanks! I shall. :)
Interested! (Very)

I've been sort of meandering about off LJ working up a few thoughts on the project and what I'm interested in. I'll finish up and post soon *looks sheepish*.

I think the entire story is intriguing and I'd be happy to contribute to any of the storylines, however, the one I am most interested in is probably the Hogwarts-in-Exile storyline.

I think most people tend to work best with some sort of suspense dates or schedule. Perhaps sometime soon we can get together and make a rough outline of date-oriented goals so we know what we're working towards?
Good for you!

I want to write around the edges. Didn't we used to have a couple "interludes"? I remember writing one. What happened to them? I don't really want to write Harry, or Voldie, ou anyone who is realy and truly evil. I just can't get into their heads.... but angsty, or troubled, is great.

I'd love interacting with Heaven, though not necessarily writing the main plot, and doing something with the Resistance/general rebellious people who get executed angstily...
Important Bits

I'm still plenty keen!

I'm not so keen on writing Heaven but the possibilities in the Resistance storyline inspire me.

Can I suggest that we ought to each pick our storylines now. That would narrow down the range of characters/potential plots we each have to think about - get us focused, instead of dwelling on the myriad possibilities in each arm of the plot.

And disjointed plot thoughts

The Resistance - I've always loved McGonagall, and with Dumbledore (are we agreed now?) gone, I have the feeling she might take the glory she deserves. I feel certain Madam Hooch has gone all commando. Moody, surely, is with the Resistance? I picture them living in fragmented groups, moving around as much as possible, poorly resourced, certainly not a school like Hogwarts. More a place where young wizards are sent into battle at an age where, in canon, they would have had their first Hogsmeade weekend. (Incidentally, with Hogwarts closed, I suppose Hogsmeade is a ghost town now - empty houses, closed businesses, only a drunken Madam Rosmerta reliving the glory days to the occasional passer-by).

I can't help slipping into images of the Allied resistance in WWII. I'm seduced by the irony of the "V" sign for Victory becoming the "V" of Voldemort.

Wormtail - Here's an interesting possibility. What if, Peter repented of his betrayal of Lily and James and slunk off back to the Resistance, claiming that (the now demised) Dumbledore had been made their secretkeeper at the last minute and must have been tortured into revealing their location. It makes for interesting layering of the character: guilt, regret over the betrayal, regret over finding his conscience and losing his place at Voldemort's side. Who knows what his personality would be like if he hadn't spent 13 years as a rat?

Peter isn't one of my favourite characters, but I know he has fans out there. Anyone?

Bad to the Bone - And I'll say it again, I want Snape to be bad: seriously bad, lacking the Malfoys' fatal flaw of vanity and canon!Voldemort's tendency to trip on his desperate desire for revenge. Just a pragmatic, efficient, ruthless villain; Voldemort's red right hand and loyal in every respect except that, one dark night, he plans to throttle that upstart brat Harry Potter in his sleep.

Quidditch - Incidentally, do you think there's still Quidditch in this AU? Purebloods would love it, but Voldie's a bit of a killjoy I suspect and may ban it. Perhaps they have reinstated the violent precursors to Quidditch - quodpot and whatnot - and force mudbloods and subversive wizards to play it colosseum-style. *Banishes image of Oliver Wood played by Russell Crowe* *giggles* *banishes it again!*

Done now!

Wormtail dies in Alternity 0, one of the stories we're (for the moment) keeping. As for the Quidditch idea, the entertaining thing is that someone on old Alternity suggested that as well...it's an interesting idea to play with, yes?

Deleted comment

This is very promising indeed! Come and poke us all with a sharp stick, Slytherin Dragon. We have fallen into inertia in recent weeks.

Mods? What do you say?

Sly! Great to see you again! Will get back in contact pronto.