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I know I'm not a mod, but I'm curious and fidgety.
Who's still interested in Alternity?
And what do you want to write?

I am, and though I'd prefer to write Heaven, I'll write anything.

I probably shouldn't be doing this, but we haven't really been doing anything...
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Interested! (Very)

I've been sort of meandering about off LJ working up a few thoughts on the project and what I'm interested in. I'll finish up and post soon *looks sheepish*.

I think the entire story is intriguing and I'd be happy to contribute to any of the storylines, however, the one I am most interested in is probably the Hogwarts-in-Exile storyline.

I think most people tend to work best with some sort of suspense dates or schedule. Perhaps sometime soon we can get together and make a rough outline of date-oriented goals so we know what we're working towards?